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need your advice

From: preciouscole
Subject: need your advice
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 19:09:30 +0100


I need your advise and help with something very important.

My mother was half south-African and worked with the an NGO and moved around
a lot during her last few years before she died last year in a car accident.
 A few months later, I received a letter in my mother?s mailbox from a bank
stating that my mother had some deposit with them in form of treasury bills
which had matured and she was expected to retrieve.

I?m Gabonese by birth and my father is also from Gabon (as far as I know),
but have been living in Ghana for most of my life.  I know very little about
financial matters and have been trying to retrieve the money, which amounts
to about USD 600,000 up till now.  But it seems, the bank?s procedures and
protocol get more complex with each step, initially, I had to prove that
my mother was deceased, which I did with presentation of her certificate
of death and liaising with the red cross society who picked her remains
up at the site of the accident, next, I had to prove lineage,  then my age,
now I have been required to provide a recipient account information and
when I indicated I do not have one, I was told to provide a next of kin
to receive on my behalf.

Now, I am confused and nearly tired, the only person whom I spoke with about
this matter, whom I felt I could trust, demanded to receive 50% of the money.
 I feel that is greedy on his part, though I could have parted with it,
but his countenance scared me.

I have a promise from one of the bank?s accountants, that if I provide a
next of kin to receive for me, he can subsequently ensure that I don?t get
any more delays and he can then help me secure a fixed deposit for the money,
until I am in a better position to manage and use it wisely.

I am asking for your advise and help to retrieve this sum, if you can help
for a reasonable percentage, please reply and I will give you more details
as well as the bank?s web site address.

Thank you.

Precious Cole.

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