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configure and $TEMP

From: Chris Lightfoot
Subject: configure and $TEMP
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:28:02 +0000
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When your run the configure script from cvs 1.11.9, it
picks up the value of the first-defined of $TMPDIR, $TMP,
and $TEMP, and uses that as the default temporary
directory in CVS. This isn't documented in the output of
configure --help and is rather surprising, since the
person building CVS might well have a private temporary
directory defined in their environment (for security
reasons, typically) and this then gets built into the cvs
binary. This can result in surprising errors for other
users, such as:

    can't create temporary directory /home/chris/tmp/cvs-serv23470
    Permission denied

Suggested fix: either change the check for $TMPDIR etc. in
configure to a --with-default-temporary-directory=...; or
document the fact that the build system picks up this
directory in the output of configure --help or some other
plausible place.

``[Howe's] speech must have affected every thinking
  Conservative MP, and many others as well.'' (David Howell)

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