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Re: Large files on AIX ?

From: Gunturi Srimanth
Subject: Re: Large files on AIX ?
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 06:00:08 -0800 (PST)

Well, regarding allocating memory - I was able to 
write a small C program which was able to malloc()
upto ~134MB - It gave a pointer back, and i was able 
to write to all of it without any signals. Then why 
do you think CVS is having trouble with a 70MB file?
If a simple program has access to 134MB, wouldnt that
be sufficient for CVS for handling a 70MB file? Please
do let me know if you think there might be other 
bottlenecks on the systems resources.

Which is why i wanted to ask this list if there 
was anyone with an AIX machine handling more than 
70MB - so that I get an idea of how they configured
their system to get it to work.

--- Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
> Gunturi Srimanth writes:
> > 
> >       Has anyone ever successfully checked in/out
> > large  files (>70MB) on an AIX machine with CVS ?
> When
> > I am trying to checkout such a file, I get a
> > "Terminated with Fatal signal 11" on the server. I
> > would be thankful if you could provide your
> experience
> > with such large files on AIX. 
> You're running out of (virtual) memory -- either you
> don't have enough
> swap space or your system is not allowing the CVS
> server process to use
> enough of it.
> -Larry Jones
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> artists is
> deciding whether or not to embrace commercialism. 
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