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Consistency of text file format (CR/LF and LF formats)

From: Jonathan ILIAS
Subject: Consistency of text file format (CR/LF and LF formats)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:35:53 +0100
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I often work on project where it is difficult to force developpers to use the same development environment. Thus, some files are in CRLF format and others in LF format. There is no problem here, almost every recent text editor read and write any of these formats.

In our coding standards, we use $Log$ keyword. If the main file has been written in CRLF format and if I write a LF format (as VI defaults) comment when commiting I get an inconsistency file where there is CRLF and LF terminated lines.

I think this is a CVS client side problem but it would be better if CVS server (the one which writes on the repository) was able to keep each file's end of line format consistensy. Of course, I think it is only possible to solve the problem of having different formats in different modifications. If CVS get different formats in the same modification (e.g. one commiting), it is really an editor's error and CVS should not try to fix it.

I wish you will be able to understand me, I'm french and don't speak english very well.

Jonathan ILIAS, technicien de laboratoire à l'ESEO
téléphone direct : 02 41 86 67 60

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