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_editors & _watchers entries in fileattr cleared

From: Stefan
Subject: _editors & _watchers entries in fileattr cleared
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:11:09 +0100
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I have noted that a 'cvs export' performed on a project
while some files are checked out removes the '_editors'
(and _watchers) entries in the repository CVS/fileattr for
the checked out files. Subsequently these files are no
longer reported as checked out by 'cvs editors'.

Surely this is wrong ???

It can be argued that export should only be performed when
all files are checked in, but I think it's quite normal
to have ongoing development which should not be disrupted.

Can anyone comment/confirm whether this is a bug pls?


File Page.class was checked out using 'cvs edit', 'CVS/fileattr'
in the repository contains a '_editors' entry:

FPage.class _watchers=stefan>commit,frank>tedit+tunedit+tcommit;_editors=frank>Wed Sep 17 10:14:57 2003 GMT+dale+/w/intranet.makalumedia.com/dev/frank

cvs -tw export -N -rMM_INTRANET_1_1 -d cvs-test .

Now the 'CVS/fileattr' looks like this:

FPage.class _watchers=stefan>commit

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