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Re: EMX on DOS

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: EMX on DOS
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 19:49:17 -0500 (EST)

Paul Edwards writes:
> ignore.c has a call to lstat() instead of CVS_LSTAT.  Is this
> incorrect?

Yes, it is.

> In filesubr.c, some of the calls to S_ISLNK have a #ifdef
> around them, and some don't.  S_ISBLK was also an unresolved
> reference on my system.

That's interesting, S_ISLNK and S_ISBLK both seem to be required by
POSIX -- are you sure your system is POSIX compliant?  Does your
<sys/stat.h> have S_IFLNK and S_IFBLK?  What about S_ISCHR and S_IFCHR?

-Larry Jones

Fortunately, that was our plan from the start. -- Calvin

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