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LectraFinish - AWESOME new invention - Paint crystal effects - from Crys

From: cdugger
Subject: LectraFinish - AWESOME new invention - Paint crystal effects - from Crystal-FX.biz
Date: 31 Oct 2003 03:30:50 -0600

CRYSTAL-FX Paints proudly brings to you:

LectraFinish - a new paint product  

and the hottest new look in custom
paint.  Be one of the first to get in on
the action!
As seen on TrucksTV!
This product is sweeping the nation!
Our website will explain it all... http://www.crystal-fx.biz
This crystal-like effect works with any paint and is simple and automatic to use. 

No tedious hand application, no costly special paint or additives.  

Buy a quart, and get a PINT free! We want you to "play" with our new "toy" and send us pictures of your best creations.... so we are giving away this extra pint of LectraFinish. One quart of LectraFinish is enough to completely crystallize a mid-size car... and one quart costs $80. Compare $80 to the many hundreds of dollars you would spend on marbel effects, or chameleon paints, etc.

So how does this stuff work? Well, it is so simple, that most people can't figure it out. Put simply, LectraFinish is a liquid stencil; or you could call it a liquid mask. You spray the thin, watery liquid crystals on top of your painted surface, and then the liquid dries, and leaves behind infinitely incricate crystal designs similar to ice forming on a window pain. Next, spray paint lightly over the top of the crystals. Then use a wet sponge to wash-off the crystals, and the water will remove not only the crystal pattern (your stencil!) but also take with it the top coat of paint that adhered to the crystals. What is left is only the paint that was not blocked by the crystals... and this produces the pattern. It is an optical illusion - in that the human eye thinks it is seeing a 3-dimensional surface, but in actuality, it is as flat and smooth as any 2-color paint job. The clear coat on top ensures the effect. This is hard to put into words, but once you see it, it becomes, well, crystal clear. We think this will become the next big thing in custom paint... the start of a whole new genre of paint effects. Thank goodness we patented it!

Get in the know, and check out
Thanks for your time!

 p.s. We could use a few good distributors, if you would like to buy at least 5 gallons at a time.

- Chris Dugger, Independent Distributor for LectraFinish

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