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different CVS_SERVER for different hosts

From: Mihai Bazon
Subject: different CVS_SERVER for different hosts
Date: 29 Oct 2003 08:17:26 +0200

Hi all,

I'm a new subscriber.  I hope I'm not posting this to the wrong mailing
list: "Most CVS development discussion, including patch submission,
actually takes place on the address@hidden mailing list." --that's from

I was googling after some information on how to configure different
values of CVS_SERVER for different working directories, and came to a
thread which presented a nice idea, apparently implemented in PERFORCE:


I think it's frustrating, impractical and frankly I always forget to set
the CVS_SERVER by hand before running cvs for each particular host, not
to mention I use to call cvs from emacs which makes things even worse.

So because I started looking after an implementation and found none I
thought it's time to code one myself.  So I was writing to ask if
anyone's interested in the patch.  Right now I just hacked on
"src/rsh-client.c" from the latest stable version (1.12.2) and the patch
simply looks up a file named ".cvsserver" in the cwd and parents until
one of the following is met:

     1. .cvsserver found ;-) in which case it'll take the content of
        it's first line and use it as if it was in $CVS_SERVER
     2. we're exiting from a directory which doesn't contain an
        accessible CVS subdir.
     3. we reached root dir.

Of course, all of the above applies only if CVS_SERVER is not defined.

Please let me know if anyone's interested in a patch and if so I'll
create one against the development code.  Otherwise I'll just use it
myself :-p

Mihai Bazon,
http://dynarch.com/mishoo/   [ applied W3 ]

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