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Re: possible bugfix found (Re: checkout_repository-1)

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: possible bugfix found (Re: checkout_repository-1)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:48:53 -0500
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

| Paul Edwards <address@hidden> writes:
| >>What I do not really understand is why this is not a problem in the
| >>cvs-1-11-x-branch which seems to have the same parseroot test as the
| >>trunk...
| >Also, why, when you run a range of tests, does this problem not
| >occur.
| There is only the ability to run a single test or to start at a
| particular test and go to the end of all tests. Typically, I was backing
| up only a few tests before the trouble and then running to completion
| with no problems.

Well, you can list all the tests you want to run, in order, on the
sanity.sh command line, not just one test, but there is no easy way to
specify a range other than test-to-end without listing each and every
test.  That should be fixed after the Autotest overhaul.

What _was_ different between a run all the way through the suite and a
run of a single test or a few tests?  I would have expected
/tmp/cvs-sanity/cvsroot to be present regardless.  If one of the other
tests is leaving interfering cruft, it is possible that that should be
fixed, as a separate issue.

As for this breaking on the trunk and not 1.11.x, it broke immediately
after one of my checkins to the trunk a few months back.  You should be
able to figure out which if you can find a working archive of the
test-results list.  Maybe I did something that causes some command to
leave cruft behind that it shouldn't?

Regardless, the test suite does pass now on feature.  I'll roll the
1.12.2 release shortly.

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