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Re: a few Q's

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: a few Q's
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 15:25:35 -0700

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Hi Paul,

Paul Edwards <address@hidden> writes:

> "Derek Robert Price" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> > If someone else manages to fix the problem on Max OS X and sends me a
> > patch, I'll release 1.12.2 as soon as I can get the patch committed.
> > Probably a day or two after I see the patch.
> If someone else wants to compile and test it, I might be
> able to fix the bug myself, same way as I found the
> problem reported with AIX, or at least found a couple
> of workarounds.

The only thing I have seen is that the nightly testing for TRUNK on
"Power_Macintosh Darwin" has problems with the remotecheck and bombs out
during the checkout_repository-1 test. 

The check.log file contains something like the following:

PASS: toplevel2-cleanup-2
** expected: 
cvs \[checkout aborted\]: Cannot check out files into the repository itself
** or: 
cvs \[checkout aborted\]: absolute pathnames invalid for server (specified 
** got: 
absolute pathnames invalid for server (specified 
FAIL: checkout_repository-1

So, you see in this particular case, it has lost the

    "cvs [checkout aborted]: "

text as a prefix to the error message and gained a "? CVSROOT" line.

However, running the checkout_repository test in isolation or backing up
and running from the previous test (toplevel2) thru the end using a
command like:

 sh /path/to/sanity.sh -r -f toplevel2 `pwd`/cvs

to restart the tests with the test before checkout_repository and go
forward to the end finishes with no reported errors.

It really is very puzzling...

        -- Mark
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