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Re: PAM support lacks pam_setcred() call

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: PAM support lacks pam_setcred() call
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:46:05 -0400
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Steve McIntyre wrote:

| Of course. Again, this is the defaults I'm using for Debian. What do
|you think of adding the PamAuth option in general? I like having the
|option of using the normal code as a run-time option set in
|CVSROOT/config, and some people may prefer it.

I like PamAuth in CVSROOT/config.  I'm not so certain about the
DefaultPamUser, but I guess it makes sense.  I think I'd just prefer a
better way to do it.  Perhaps as the force system auth patch I've seen
but which I don't think was ever committed - if there is some character,
an `x' or `*' perhaps, as the password field of a CVSROOT/passwd entry,
then system or PAM auth would be forced but the username map would still
be used.

Maybe both options should be available for maximum configurability...  I
don't know, I guess I just feel like I don't like suckering people into
a corner where there only option is run CVS as the same user for
everybody and lose all the user/group permissions functionality.

Your patch is fine as a first pass in this regard, and I'm not sure what
you were trying to work out with the pam_setcred(), but if nothing else
works out I think this will eventually need the CVSROOT/passwd patch I
mentioned above.

Finally, Brian enabled a configure time feature that would switch the
PAM service name based on the executable name.  Now that I am thinking
about it, I think I would much prefer that it be disabled and a
CVSROOT/config option be used instead, if anything.  That always grated
on me.  But that doesn't affect your patch directly.  Thanks for the
idea!  :)


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