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join not producing conflict

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: join not producing conflict
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 09:43:15 GMT

On cvs 1.11.9, on Windows or Unix, this doesn't produce
expected results nor does it failsafe.  Is this a known bug
or operator error etc?

Thanks.  Paul.

rm -fr $CVSROOT/test
mkdir $CVSROOT/test
cvs get test
cd test
echo aaa >temp.txt
echo bbb >>temp.txt
echo ccc >>temp.txt
cvs add temp.txt
cvs commit -m "." temp.txt
cp temp.txt temp2.txt
echo ddd >>temp.txt
cvs commit -m "." temp.txt
cp temp2.txt temp.txt
cvs diff temp.txt

# Why does this come up with "M temp.txt" instead of
# inserting the change, probably with conflict markers
# because two people have effectively made independent
# and conflicting changes, ie one has deleted a line, the
# other has added a line?
# Instead, there is no markers, and this change essentially
# gets lost.
# Other files that have local modifications don't have the
# update -j -j ignored.  So I'm not even aware that one file
# has been skipped.
cvs update -j 1.1 -j 1.2 temp.txt
cvs diff temp.txt

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