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cvs export removes _editors entries

From: Stefan
Subject: cvs export removes _editors entries
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:46:19 +0200
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I have noted that a 'cvs export' performed
while some files are checked out, removes the '_editors'
entries in the repository CVS/fileattr for the checked
out files.

'cvs editors' looks for _editors entries in this file,
and subsequently no longer reports anything as being
checked out after the 'cvs export'.

Note watch entry associated with the edit also disappears.
I can't believe this is intended behaviour ...


File Page.class is checked out (with cvs admin -l locking)

'CVS/fileattr' file in the repository contains a '_editors' entry:

FPage.class _watchers=stefan>commit,frank>tedit+tunedit+tcommit;_editors=frank>Wed Sep 17 10:14:57 2003 GMT+dale+/w/intranet.makalumedia.com/dev/frank

cvs -tw export -N -rMM_INTRANET_1_1 -d cvs-test .

There are no warning/errors reported during the export, trace for the
file is:

S-> checkout (/home/intranet/cvs-intranet-master/source/PageClasses/Page.class,v
, 1.1, , (function))
S-> server_register(Page.class, 1.1, , , MM_INTRANET_1_1, , )
S-> Register(Page.class, 1.1, , , MM_INTRANET_1_1 )
 -> rename(.new.Page.clas,Page.class)

After the export 'CVS/fileattr' looks like this:

FPage.class     _watchers=stefan>commit

The last checked in revs of the files correctly appear in the exported dir.

OS:          SuSe Linux 8.0

cvs version: 1.11.1p1 on cvs server
             1.11.1p1 on client1
             1.11.6   on client2

Is this a bug? Perhaps there is a workaround?

Any tips are welcome,

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