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Re: Is there really any interest in a patch to allow cvs 1.11.6 torun

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: Is there really any interest in a patch to allow cvs 1.11.6 torun
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 01:58:45 GMT

"Kelly F. Hickel" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> OK, well, I narrowed the problem down to the fact that cvs is returning
> 255 when running the cvs diff command.  There doesn't seem to be any

It is normal to return non-zero, so that scripts can be informed
that there were differences.

What is EXIT_FAILURE defined as in your stdlib.h?
-1 or 255?

Whatever it is, the fact that it isn't 1 is what is stuffing up
the script.

But it is the script that is at fault.  Your system is allowed to
have an EXIT_FAILURE of anything it wants.  As a "fix
that will work for most environments" I would change
sanity.sh, the dotest_status function, and say something

# Like dotest except second argument is the required exitstatus.
dotest_status ()
  eval "$3" >${TESTDIR}/dotest.tmp 2>&1

  if test "$status" != "0"; then

  if test "$status" != "$2"; then
    cat ${TESTDIR}/dotest.tmp >>${LOGFILE}
    echo "exit status was $status; expected $2" >>${LOGFILE}
    fail "$1"
  dotest_internal "$1" "$3" "$4" "$5"

At least for the purposes of your test.  Perhaps a better fix in
sanity.sh would be to have a variable called EXIT_FAILURE
and in all the dotest_status calls, use $EXIT_FAILURE instead
of hardcoding as 1.

> Before I go too wrong, it's my understanding that cvs no longer uses an
> external diff program, but that it has that code built into it.  This

Correct.  It's pretty damn good having it self-contained now.

BFN.  Paul.

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