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Re: Detecting case-insensitivity revisited

From: Matthew Doar
Subject: Re: Detecting case-insensitivity revisited
Date: 06 Oct 2003 12:35:03 -0700

Sounds like the right way to go. Default is case-sensitive, I presume.
There might be some oddnesses involved if a repository went from one
mode to another, for instance when bringing a backup up on a standby
machine incorrectly.


On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 10:57, Derek Robert Price wrote:
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> Hey all,
> Mark and Larry and I were having a discussion about detecting
> case-insensitive file systems some time back and we couldn't come up
> with a simple and elegant solution.  The main problem is that even
> though we can classify systems as USUALLY case-sensitive or case
> insensitive, this varies by the filesystem actually being used.  On
> Windows this isn't usually a problem, but on Mac OS X, for instance,
> admins can install case-sensitive UFS file systems.  On Linux, admins
> could similarly access NTFS or FAT32 file systems for example.
> Rather than going to the trouble of trying to autodetect these
> scenarios, what about making this a global option to CVS (e.g. --case or
> - --nocase) with the default determined by the system compiled on rather
> than having the value used hard coded at compile time.  This could be an
> option in CVSROOT/config too, for servers.
> Derek
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