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Re: 3 module related bugs

From: Dieter Maurer
Subject: Re: 3 module related bugs
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 13:00:49 +0200

Dear CVS community,

I reported:

Dieter Maurer wrote at 2003-9-18 09:52 +0200:
 > 1. Bad "CVS/Repository" for modules of the form MNAME -d X/Y/... DIR
 >    "cvs" puts "." (rather than "CVSROOT/EmptyDir") in "X/CVS/Repository".
 >    The effect: an updating "checkout" will put the complete
 >    CVS content in "X".

I know now that CVS does the following when is sees a module definition
of the form "MNAME -d  wdpath/wd  DIRPATH/DIR":

  It uses "DIRPATH/DIR" as repository for "wdpath/wd" but
  *ALSO* "DIRPATH" as repository for "wdpath" and so on recursively.
  If "DIRPATH" becomes empty before "wdpath", it uses
  "." as repository.

Personally, I find this unintuitive.

Especially, in the light of the unexpected behaviour
of an updating checkout putting the complete cvs content in
a directory.

But, I recognize that I cannot change it without greater discussion.
The responsible code is in "checkout.c" near line 891ff.


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