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[Virus Found] Your e-mail was Blocked. [0907201719721]

From: virus
Subject: [Virus Found] Your e-mail was Blocked. [0907201719721]
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 20:17:19 +0900

Hello, This is Anti-Virus Mail-System.

We guess that your e-mail which destined to  address@hidden is virtus attached.
If you would like to contact about this action, please e-mail to address@hidden 
including your ID.
Here is your ID: 0907201719721

Thank you.
Report Details
[FILENAME] Blocking Reason: No executable files allowed through this system
Files Blocked:

>>> Virus 'W32/Sobig-F' found in file 
>>> /usr/local/filter/tmp/inf_0907201719721/unpacked/details.pif


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