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Your email to address@hidden

From: takeo_sato-iana
Subject: Your email to address@hidden
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:21:28 -0400

Thank you for your email sent to address@hidden

If you did not send an email to this address then somebody

else did, illegally using your email address as a forged

sender address, probably for sending unsolicited and illegal

commercial email ("spam", e.g. see http://nospam.info).

Due to the amount of "spam" that this email account has been

receiving, incoming mail triggers this automatic autoresponder

and is automatically deleted. Your address has NOT been

"blacklisted", however this account has been receiving too

much "spam" in general.

Unless you are trying to send some unsolicited commercial email

please remove "-iana" from the address and resend your message.

Your message will NOT be automatically forwarded. If it is

important please resend it to the new address. If you do not

have the new address please use the contact information

provided at cloanto.com.




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