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From: John Raynor
Subject: problem
Date: 25 Nov 2002 19:43:44 -0500

I apologize if I'm wasting peoples time here, but I have been unable to
location any useful information about a problem we are experiencing with

We are having an issue with the update command to cvs, when using it

I am running RedHat 7.3, and using ssh on the server end (not actually
running a cvs-server).  The client machines are RedHat and Debian linux,
Mac OSX, and Windows XP.  We have experienced the problem from both
linux distros and OSX.  We are using cvs-1.11.2.

An example.

I run 'cvs co foo'

I get 'foo' and it's subdirectory 'bar'.

I 'cd foo' and run 'cvs update bar', which results in:

ignoring bar (CVS/Repository missing).

foo/bar/CVS/Repository exists and seems to contain the correct info on
the client machine.

If I then 'rm -r bar' and do 'cvs update bar' it will work.

I have been able to find only one mailing group thread on this, and all
it told me was that there was a problem with RedHat-7.0.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

John Raynor <address@hidden>
SiliconMobius, Inc.

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