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cvs server 1.11.2 memory leak

From: Michel Marti
Subject: cvs server 1.11.2 memory leak
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:22:36 +0000
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We're using cvs 1.11.2 on Linux-2.4.10 (i686; SuSE 7.3).
Access to the cvs repository is done over ssh from the
Eclipse 2.0.1 java IDE (using the built-in ssh client).
CVS Compression level is set to "3".

I noticed that while "cvs server" is waiting for a lock 
(due to stale lock file(s)) and you hit "cancel" on the
IDE (or the ssh connection drops), cvs server quickly eats up
all available memory leaving the system in a very unstable
state: System load average goes up to about 11, and
"top" shows that the cvs process is eating 97.3% memory.
When all memory is gone (including swap), the kernel
starts killing (random?!?) processes.

- Michel

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