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RE: CVS bug?

From: Damjan Zemljic
Subject: RE: CVS bug?
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:07:35 +0100

See answers below.

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: CVS bug?

Damjan Zemljic writes:
> I created a branch on one file just to have that tag in CVS repository. 

That's your mistake -- you need to branch an entire module, not just a
single file.

---> But I don't want to. :) I want to have a branch only on files I have
changed. For a snapshot I can use tag, or branch on entire module, but then
I'm forced to merge updates from main trunk.
That's is convenient for me to get latest updates from "not relevant" files
in main trunk easily (no merge needed). But, Ok, I can live with it.

> Nothing has been commited yet to this branch. Then I've checkouted 
> files with:
> cvs co -R -f -r <branch_name> <module>
> (from branch and missing from HEAD)

Using -f with checkout is almost always a mistake.
----> Why? I think is one of the most useful features of CVS, and it is an
advantage of MAIN trunk comparing to other branches..

> After that, I patched the files of module and wanted to commit changes 
> (excpeted to commit to <branch_name>). I got "up-to-date check failed" 
> and CVS server refused to commit.

Which is exactly what should happen.

> I found out that after making branch explicitly on that file:
> cvs tag -b <branch_name> <patched_file>
> ...commit succeeded.(?!)

Correct.  That's why you want to branch the entire module.  You should
read the section of the manual on branching and merging:


---> Why does it work when adding new files in such a way?? (on main trunk
it is added a comment that file has been added to branch <...> and it is not
accessible from main trunk yet.)

> Is this a bug of cvs version 1.11p1 or agreed CVS behaviour. I'm pretty 
> sure CVS made automaticaly branch for commited changes in previous

You're pretty wrong.  CVS can't read your mind -- if you want a branch,
you have to create it.

---> As I remember, it was done automaticaly by CVS. Which is OK, before any
changes are commited, sticky tag is added to each file (but no branch except
one on one file - for checkout with -f and -b option to succeed), and user
is aware of this. Each commit is then automaticaly added to branch noted by
sticky tag.
Maybe I'll test with older version ov CVS (1.10?) - anyway, thank you for
the answers.

-Larry Jones

What this games needs are negotiated settlements. -- Calvin

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