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minor buglet in "cvs -H export"

From: Ken Pizzini
Subject: minor buglet in "cvs -H export"
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 18:38:34 -0800
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A collegue was confused when they couldn't "cvs export -r 1.1 file",
because the "cvs -H export" output says:
        -r rev  Export revision or tag.

Since a symbolic name is required for "export -r", I propose rewording
this text, perhaps as in the attached patch, to decrease confusion.

(For the specific instance of single-file "export", the collegue
was told to use "cvs update -p -r 1.1 file >exportfile", but the
misleading help text is still a bug.)

                --Ken Pizzini

--- checkout.c-orig     Tue Jun 27 21:15:25 2000
+++ checkout.c  Thu Nov  7 11:14:45 2002
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
     "\t-l\tLocal directory only, not recursive\n",
     "\t-R\tProcess directories recursively (default).\n",
     "\t-n\tDo not run module program (if any).\n",
-    "\t-r rev\tExport revision or tag.\n",
+    "\t-r rev\tExport tagged revision.\n",
     "\t-D date\tExport revisions as of date.\n",
     "\t-d dir\tExport into dir instead of module name.\n",
     "\t-k kopt\tUse RCS kopt -k option on checkout.\n",

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