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Re: CVS update: MODIFIED: src ...

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: CVS update: MODIFIED: src ...
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 13:16:01 -0500
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Larry Jones wrote:

HDerek Robert Price writes:
Is it the test that's failing or the CVS code? I didn't save the output from the failure case.

The test.  I'm in the process of revising it along the lines I
suggested to avoid it failing again until 2096.

-Larry Jones

Are you sure?  All I see is this:

dotest rcs2-7 "${testcvs} -q update -p -D '100 months' file1" "head revision"

Which seems to assume that eight years and four months from now (100 months) is later than 2004. get the "head revision" result. The archive file doesn't appear to be dynamically generated but rather a static here-doc. Therefore, doesn't any output other than "head revision" mean that the checkout command itself is failing?



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