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cvs 1.11.2 rdiff fails with binary files

From: tony
Subject: cvs 1.11.2 rdiff fails with binary files
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:26:28 -0500
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I am running Red Hat 8.0, with:
   cvs 1.11.2
   diff (GNU diffutils) 2.8.1

I have two directories, each containing a different version of a binary file 
(jpeg image), and a different version of a text file:



If I run:
    diff -urN test-1.0 test-1.1
I get this on stdout:

Binary files test-1.0/mypic.jpg and test-1.1/mypic.jpg differ
diff -urN test-1.0/mytext.txt test-1.1/mytext.txt
<diff hunks...>

However, if I import the modules into CVS and try rdiff, things start to break:

(cd test-1.0; cvs import -I ! -W "*.jpg -k 'b'" test me V1_0)
(cd test-1.1; cvs import -I ! -W "*.jpg -k 'b'" test me V1_1)
cvs -q rdiff -u -rV1_0 -rV1_1 test

Now I get this (I've prepended stdout: and stderr: to each line):

stdout: Index: test/mypic.jpg
stderr: cvs rdiff: failed to read diff file header /mtp/cvsxGIzHz for 
mypic.jpg,v: end of file
stdout: Index: test/mytext.txt
diff -u test/mytext.txt: test/mytext.txt:
<diff hunks...>

The output of this command is 1 (failure).

Shouldn't rdiff act like diff, and just print out that the binary files differ? 
What exactly is the point of the cvswrappers option during import (-W)... it 
doesn't seem to matter with rdiff.  Is this just an rdiff quirk, or am I 
missing something?

Tony Clayton

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