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Re: Win32 build error: your apparent username (name) is unknown to this

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Win32 build error: your apparent username (name) is unknown to this system
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:22:09 -0500
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We've known about this for a month or three. The 1.11.2 source finds the wrong options.h under Windows. I've been solving this by moving all the options into windows-NT/config.h and configure.in respectively. I've made it through most of it but I still have one or two issues to solve before the 1.11.3 release. Nice to know the changes are working. I hadn't gotten around to testing them under Windows yet.



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Mike Palmer wrote:

Version: 1.11.2, running on Windows 2000.

Error message received when running cvs commit:

CVS.EXE [commit aborted]: your apparent username (username) is unknown to
this system


There was apparently an error in the CVS 1.11.2 build for Win32.

This error message is contained in src/commit.c, inside a #ifdef CVS_BADROOT

In windows-NT/options.h, we find #undef CVS_BADROOT. So, this error message
should never occur in the NT version.

I have rebuilt the code using VC6, with no modifications except that I
copied getpagesize.h from grep 2.24, since getpagesize is expected (but not
included) in the CVS distribution (I didn't spend any time researching this,
but I have at least three versions of getpagesize.h, all included with
various versions of GNU stuff, all with different dates and sizes - I don't
know anything about the status or validity of the getpagesize.h file I

The error occurs with the distributed 1.11.2 exe, but not with the exe I
built from the sources.

A quick check with strings.exe shows that the distributed exe contains the
error message, but the one I built does not.

-- Mike --

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