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History files - cvs administration

From: Brusset, Mathieu
Subject: History files - cvs administration
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 16:34:30 -0400

Hi Everybody,

I'm currently looking forward in CVS maintenance.
I'm currently using CVSNT with winCVS 1.2.

I'm looking for some information about the CVS history file format

For example :

From my history file
Date            user name
 I understand the meaning of some of them but, I don't know how the date is crypted ...

How could I get information about each field of this history file? Is it possible to add more information in it ??

My goal is to be able to answer question as:
What tags are in my repository ?
Who have done what ?
Which files are contained in a given tag ?
And stuff like this ...


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