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RE: Right to privacy & client info strings

From: Kostur, Andre
Subject: RE: Right to privacy & client info strings
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:38:26 -0700

This may sound extremist, but that's just like saying "If it's an opt-in mailing list, nobody will opt-in!  So I'll default to assuming you want the mail, and you can opt-out" (OK, except that you can't trust the spammer's opt-out mechanism, where you [hopefully] _can_ trust the CVS client to not send the data).

If a client is having issues, I don't think that there's a problem with the CVS admin saying: "Well, there seems to be a problem and I need to know some additional information.  Could you set this debug option on, and try again please?"

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Subject: Re: Right to privacy & client info strings

My aim is to make debugging easier in large heterogeneous environments
where the admin (debugger) only controls the CVS server.  This wouldn't
be very useful if the client users had to turn on the string themselves.

Anyone who really objects could turn it off.  Clients could be written
(or hacked) easily enough to lie too - this wouldn't be security - it
would just be there to try and spot trends while debugging though I
suppose it could be used to spot usage demographics like with HTTPD logs.



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ATD Hubbard, John wrote:

> The idea of allowing the client to turn off the data is delightful. 
> Everyone gets what they need.  Seems hard to imagine that anyone could
> complain, especially if the client option default is NOT to send the data.
> thanks,
> john h
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> From: Derek Robert Price [mailto:address@hidden]
> Would anyone object strenuously to a hook in the client/server protocol
> to send client information such as host platform, client name, client
> version, and a few other facts that might make debugging intermittant
> client/server problems easier?
> How about if there was a client option to turn off the data?
> Derek

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