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cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe signal

From: Cumps, Jan {TROP}
Subject: cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe signal
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 08:22:44 +0200

In the manual for cvs (Version Management with CVS for cvs 1.11.1p1), you
requested more info in chapter F.3 Other common problems:

>cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe signal
>This message seems to be caused by a hard-to-track-down bug in cvs or the
>systems it runs on (we don't know-we haven't tracked it down yet!). It
>to happen only after a cvs command has completed, and you should be able to
>just ignore the message. However, if you have discovered information
>its cause, please let us know as described in Appendix H [BUGS], page 157.

I encountered this problem with cvs running as a service on Windows 2000.
Situation was:
account that runs cvs service (on Windows 2000, say account CVS_SERVICE) was
account that executed cvs commands on remote pc (also Windows 2000, say
account CVS_USER) was also locked.

After unlocking CVS_SERVICE account, error still showed up.
After unlocking CVS_USER account, problem was solved.

I hope this info is helpful.

Regards, Jan

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