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Re: [3rd attempt] patches for cvs on cygwin

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: [3rd attempt] patches for cvs on cygwin
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 10:46:03 -0400 (EDT)

Charles Wilson writes:
> Is anybody listening?  Is this the correct list for patches?

Yes, it's the correct list.  Have you read what it says in HACKING?

> Submitting a patch to bug-cvs is the way to reach the people who have
> signed up to receive such submissions (including CVS developers), but
> there may or may not be much (or any) response.  If you want to pursue
> the matter further, you are probably best off working with the larger
> CVS community.  Distribute your patch as widely as desired (mailing
> lists, newsgroups, web sites, whatever).  Write a web page or other
> information describing what the patch is for.  It is neither practical
> nor desirable for all/most contributions to be distributed through the
> "official" (whatever that means) mechanisms of CVS releases and CVS
> developers.  Now, the "official" mechanisms do try to incorporate
> those patches which seem most suitable for widespread usage, together
> with test cases and documentation.  So if a patch becomes sufficiently
> popular in the CVS community, it is likely that one of the CVS
> developers will eventually try to do something with it.  But dealing
> with the CVS developers may be the last step of the process rather
> than the first.

The "CVS developers" are a small group of volunteers who have real jobs
and lives -- they only do CVS in their spare time which, as I'm sure you
know, is not nearly as copious as we'd like.

-Larry Jones

Everything's gotta have rules, rules, rules! -- Calvin

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