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[Bug-cpio] tar ././@LongLink Support for cpio

From: Mad Scientist
Subject: [Bug-cpio] tar ././@LongLink Support for cpio
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 18:29:02 -0400

Hi I needed cpio to extract files and support GNU tar's way of holding long file names so I wrote it. The new code is only used if a tar archive includes a file named "././@LongLink". All code has been tested and found to work on Gentoo Linux. The only issues that I know of is that it leaves an un-freed block of memory holding the name of the last long file name and it doesn't have an option to turn the feature off though the comments point out where it could be placed. Enjoy.

~Mad Scientist

Note: The .diff was generated with WinMerge if there are any issues with it send an email and I'll upload another version of your choosing.

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