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[Bug ld/23935] [Regression] ld.bfd does not rescan fat LTO archives to r

From: vlad at ispras dot ru
Subject: [Bug ld/23935] [Regression] ld.bfd does not rescan fat LTO archives to resolve plugin-added references
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 14:00:17 +0000


Vladislav Ivanishin <vlad at ispras dot ru> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Vladislav Ivanishin <vlad at ispras dot ru> ---
GCC does not tell it needs the printf symbol, because it's a builtin function
(prog.c is compiled without -fno-builtin).

At the time of writing LTO IR, GCC does not know what symbols will be needed
implementing builtins; this information becomes available only during the
LTO. (Beforehand GCC could only tell it needed printf, but of what use is that
knowledge, if in fact it will be transformed into a reference to puts in the

Resolving such new LTO-generated references is what rescanning is for, isn't

> In fact, ld is consistent for with and without -ffat-lto-objects.

Yes, and my point is it shouldn't be.

During the rescan (no_more_claiming is set) in add_archive_element(), the
decision not to add libfoo.o to the link is made regardless of it having
object code:

       plugin_maybe_claim (input);
       if (input->flags.claimed)

plugin_maybe_claim() calls plugin_object_p(), which returns a positive result
for both slim and fat lto objects.

Now, if the linker sees a file containing nothing but LTO IR during rescan, it
should indeed ignore it (LTO phase is over). But if the file has non-LTO code
well, that should be used to resolve references as if the file did not contain
any LTO IR at all.

Gold works as expected and so did ld releases prior to 2.27
is the culprit).

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