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[Bitbucket-hackers] indifferent tenacious

From: Bess Bryant
Subject: [Bitbucket-hackers] indifferent tenacious
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 15:09:47 -0300

Investment Times Alert Issues: (S T R O N G  B U Y)
We pick our companies based on there growth potential.

Date : 2006, June 5
Company Name : Wataire Industries Inc.
S y m b o l : W T A F Yes, it looks like the momentum has started up again.
Opening Price : $0.60
11month Target : $1
Expectations : MAX

We think the fun is just beginning with this stock.
We Told you to WATCH  W T A F  and now its up again today.
We have come across what we feel is one of those rear deals
that the public has not heard about yet.
Here is a special company that may be set to make a move in
the near future - this could be your opportunity to be ahead
of the curve!
Big news expected. This should invoke LARGE gains.
Our mission is to claw our way through the thousands of
underperforming companies out there to find the golden needle
in the haystack.

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