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error Name %s is already in BBDB

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: error Name %s is already in BBDB
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 05:56:38 +0100
User-agent: Rmail on GNU Emacs/27.0.50 (27.0.50)


where should I look at to fix this error message ?

[2018-12-14 05:41:41.976] Computing summary lines...done
Error in post-command-hook (rmail-summary-rmail-update): (error "Name ‘javier’ 
is already in BBDB: Javier")

Here is my BBDB setup:

   #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp

     (use-package bbdb
       (let ((bbdb-settings (expand-file-name "bbdb-settings" 
         (if (file-exists-p bbdb-settings)
             (load bbdb-settings)))

       (bbdb-initialize 'rmail 'mail 'pgp 'anniv)
       (bbdb-mua-auto-update-init 'rmail 'mail)

       (setq bbdb-mua-pop-up 'horiz
           bbdb-mua-pop-up-window-size 0.1
           bbdb-mua-update-interactive-p '(t . query)
           bbdb-mua-auto-update-p bbdb-select-message ; st annoying.  disable 
with (setf bbdb-mua-auto-update-p nil)
           bbdb-update-records-p t
           bbdb-ignore-message-alist '(("X-Face" (".+" face 0 'replace))
           ;;     '(("From" . "bugzilla-daemon"))
           ;;      bbdb-auto-notes-rules
           bbdb-ignore-message-alist '(("From" . "mailer-daemon")
                                       ("From" . "no-reply")
                                       ("From" . "no-reply")
                                       ("From" . "")
                                       ("From" . "Mail Delivery System")
                                       ("X-Spam-Level" . "*"))

           bbdb-default-country "France"
           bbdb-complete-mail t
           bbdb-message-all-addresses t
           bbdb-completion-list t
           bbdb-complete-mail-allow-cycling t
           bbdb-completion-display-record nil

     (setq bbdb-mail-user-agent 'sendmail-user-agent)
       (add-hook 'mail-setup-hook 'bbdb-mail-aliases)


THnak you
Xavier Maillard                      
m: 06 52 18 63 43 (old)
m: 06 49 60 48 56 (NEW)

GPG:                           9983 DCA1 1FAC 8DA7 653A
                               F9AA BA49 09B7 8F04 DE1B

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