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Re: [Axiom-developer] Building Axiom

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Building Axiom
Date: 27 Sep 2006 19:37:11 +0200

root <address@hidden> writes:

| >   The time it takes to build Axiom is prohibitive.  
| > 
| > If the build is done only once a day, that is probably alright.
| > However, when several iterations are done in a day, it becomes
| > unbearable.   
| > 
| > What can be done to improve the build time?
| > 
| > -- Gaby
| > PS: yes, I consider that I have relatively "fast" machines.
| three possibilities.... first, the whole point of using 'make'
| is that you don't have to do a full build except the first time.

Make isn't the problem.  As the system currently stands, when
something is modified it is recommended to delete the build tree and
start afresh -- doing otherwise only brings false positives (or
negatives depending on how you count).  I've been bitten enough to
know that for the moment, it is always the "first time".

| unfortunately you are working on the makefiles which is a very
| rare situation. i know it is painful (from experience) but it
| would be useless to optimize build times since almost no-one
| else will have the problem.

I doubt I'm alone; or if I'm alone, I doubt I'll stay alone for long
time.  Unless Axiom stays with only 2 "coders", I suspect this issue
needs to be addressed somehow. I have some students who will be poking at
various parts of the system.  I would hate they spend most of their
time waiting for the compiler. 

-- Gaby

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