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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom Conference Call Sept 18, 2006

From: Alfredo Portes
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom Conference Call Sept 18, 2006
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 18:52:21 -0400

3) Tim spent time this weekend looking into Martin's build issues
   without success.

   Suggestion that Jose send a diff of his changes to --patch-50
   so Tim can see what approach he was taking

Well, I just finished building using patch-49 as Bill suggested me.
Hyperdoc worked fine after doing just one step, which using patch-50
it was breaking for me (I am really sorry Martin :-( ). I would like to
know if Martin was using patch-49, that can also confirm the but if
there is any.

So my steps were as indicated by Martin:

1) Copy the files I sent you (i.e., mantepse.spad.pamphlet, fffg.spad.pamphlet,
 rec.spad.pamphlet, Makefile.pamphlet, exposed.lsp.pamphlet) into


(files are attached to this email).

2) edit Makefile.pamphlet as follows: replace


${OUT}/FAMR2.o   \
${OUT}/FFFG.o    \
${OUT}/FFFGF.o   \
${OUT}/NEWTON.o  \
${OUT}/RECOP.o   \
${OUT}/UFPS.o    \
${OUT}/GOPT.o    \
${OUT}/UFPS1.o   \
${OUT}/GOPT0.o   \
${OUT}/GUESS.o   \
${OUT}/GUESSF1.o \
${OUT}/GUESSF.o  \


${OUT}/FAMR2.o   \
${OUT}/FFFG.o    \
${OUT}/NEWTON.o  \
${OUT}/RECOP.o   \
${OUT}/UFPS.o    \
${OUT}/GOPT.o    \

3) build axiom (i.e., go to Goldenaxiom, say ./configure, do what configure
 tells you to, say make)

Using patch 50 at this point Hyperdoc doesnt work anymore.



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