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Re: [Axiom-developer] putting pamphlets on MathAction

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] putting pamphlets on MathAction
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:18:25 +0200
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Sorry to say, Martin, but even though you tried to document the API of the package constructors, your code is much in the spirit of the old Axiom files. :-(

Your code may be excellent, but it is clearly written for a machine and not for humans. So I cannot read it. You probably know that.

Take for example mantepse.spad.pamphlet:

  The packages defined in this file enable {\Axiom} to guess formulas
  for sequences of, for example, rational numbers or rational functions,
  given the first few terms.  It extends and complements Christian
  program \Rate\ and the relevant parts of Bruno Salvy and Paul
  Zimmermann's \GFUN.

That is actually ALL there is to describe the algorithms you use inside your code. :-( Even worse. The macros \Rate and \GFUN are not references to the literature or URLs.

If Axiom were a Journal and your code were a contribution to that journal. I am sure you yourself would reject that.

Sorry for such harsh criticism, but I simply think if new things are to be accepted to Axiom they should come with a certain standard. We already have enough legacy code to deal with.

I would change my mind if your contributions makes (at least) two more contributors to Axiom Algebra and and you promise to document your code in an LP style till the end of the year.

Maybe you should have a nap... ;-)

Good luck with the presentation of your Guess package.


On 09/14/2006 05:56 PM, Martin Rubey wrote:
Dear Bill,

could you please put the three attached pamphlets on mathaction.

fffg.spad.pamphlet => FractionFreeFastGaussianElimination

rec.spad.pamphlet => RecurrenceRelationOperator

mantepse.spad.pamphlet => Guess

(mantepse depends on the other two)

I got an error message about noweave not found, and including it via spad
doesn't seem to like the dollar signs...

(sorry for not being particularly useful anymore, I didn't sleep last night...)

Thanks for everything,


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