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[Axiom-developer] Re: Live CD for Conference (urgent)

From: Alfredo Portes
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Live CD for Conference (urgent)
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 03:05:50 -0400

Hi Martin,

On 12 Sep 2006 08:46:32 +0200, Martin Rubey <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear Alfredo, Bill,

as you probably know, I'm going to present my guessing package next week - only
as a poster, unfortunately, but still.

I would like to be able to give away Live-CD's (Knoppix style) that contain
Axiom and my guessing package, so that anybody can put it into his laptop and
try it out easily.

  Sorry Martin, the latest version of the LiveCD uses Fedora, because it was the
  final goal to use Redhat software.  I have not had time to try to put MathAction
  on a Knoppix CD. I guess I should look into this. :(

  Have you used the latest LiveCD ??? Do you have any particular reason to need
  the Knoppix one??? Let me know if there is any particular issue that you would
  like me to address.
IMPORTANT NOTE: the guessing package on MathAction is completely out of date. I
need the most recent version on the CD. Should I send you my package with
compilation instructions so that you can put it on the CD, or should I do this
myself somehow?

  The process of creating the LiveCD is very straight forward (using the Fedora LiveCD).
  Following the instructions, it should not take more than 45 minutes to have a complete
  CD from scratch by using virtualization or a clean system.

  If you send me the package, I would be more than glad to include it in the CD. I could
  also customize it so it appears on the menus and add the paper or poster that you
  are going to present. I can have this done by Wednesday night / Thursday morning.


  Alfredo Portes

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