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Re: [Axiom-developer] Silver build-improvements: Hyperdoc

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Silver build-improvements: Hyperdoc
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 18:48:42 -0400

> > the plan is to diff Gold and Silver.... soon.
> But that is the wrong order. Silver should have the patches before.
> As I said I strongly believe that Silver trunk SHOULD be ALWAYS in sync 
> with what you have in your tla archive.
> Otherwise you are developing silver and the svn/trunk is gold.
> Anyway, when Gold is released there should not be need to move patches 
> from Gold to Silver/trunk. If that must happen then I think something is 
> wrong.

i refer you to prior emails... 

point 1 is that until recently i did not have a working svn client and
could not patch silver. thus, i didn't.

point 2 is that silver was intended as a testing ground for ideas
whereas gold is a place where official system builds reside.

point 3 is that i don't have the time to maintain silver with the
very latest patches in any reliable way. unseen behind the gold
curtain is that a lot of testing occurs for each patch on many
systems so it 'just works'. this testing occurs in batches every
two months or so. i can't apply silver patches and not test them
and i don't have the time to test them as they are posted.

point 4 is that bug fixes don't necessarily change anything interesting
in the 'mission' of silver which is to allow developers a place to make
major system changes in public.

point 5 is that i promised to bring silver up-to-date as of this
gold release and then apply patches there at the same time as i
apply patches to my local copy of gold, regardless of breakage.
thus silver will appear to lead the official gold releases in 
the future.

> BTW, when will there be the next official release of Gold. I haven't 
> heard of any Axiom release recently. Or are you saying that --patch-50 
> was a Gold-release? To be honest, I am still completely confused about 
> all that. Am I alone?

gold (--patch-50) went out on 8/29. look in the email archives for a
subject of '--patch-50' or look at the CHANGELOG in the root of the
axiom--main--1--patch-50 for a list of changes.

each --patch-NN level is a 'gold release' and they are supposed to
occur at 2 month intervals (see the email archives) since 2 months
is short enough to wait for an official fix but long enough that
i don't spend all my time testing.


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