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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: GCL 2.6.1 on Windows XP

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: GCL 2.6.1 on Windows XP
Date: 28 Oct 2003 16:04:20 -0500
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Hi Tim!

root <address@hidden> writes:

> Your list:
> These are gone:
> lsp/Makefile.dvi 
> src/algebra/Makefile.dvi 
> src/input/Makefile.dvi 
> src/Makefile.dvi 
> src/interp/Makefile.dvi 
> src/doc/Makefile.dvi


> These should never be in the "distribution" which should only contain 
> files in the mnt directory. The obj and int directories can be deleted
> at any time. They are only caches.
> obj/noweb/contrib/kostas/Makefile 
> obj/noweb/src/c/notangle.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/getline.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/match.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/modules.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/modtrees.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/strsave.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/main.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/errors.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/columns.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/nt 
> obj/noweb/src/c/markmain.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/markup.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/markup 
> obj/noweb/src/c/mnt.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/mnt 
> obj/noweb/src/c/finduses.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/recognize.o 
> obj/noweb/src/c/finduses 

OK, I guess the point was that the clean target of the Makefile does
not remove these files, at least at the time of my earlier message.

> These are used by noweb. In particular, the document command will
> invoke nt and markup. 
> mnt/bin/lib/nt 
> mnt/bin/lib/markup 
> mnt/bin/lib/mnt 
> mnt/bin/lib/finduses 

Again, I think these are generated by the build, and can/should be
removed by 'clean'.

> I'll look into these. There shouldn't be Makefiles in mnt.
> mnt/bin/Makefile.dvi 


> This should remain. It is the primary documentation root and
> needs to be available to users before the build. It is essentially
> the top level "README" 
> Makefile.dvi 

As a suggestion, could you provide this in .tex format instead?  At
least for Debian packages, changes in binary files like .dvi files
cannot be represented in a diff, so everytime this file changes, if I
leave it in the package, I have to increment the "upstream" package
number and install the *whole* original source tree tarball as a
separate version in the Debian archives.  I.e., multiple axiom
tarballs installed in their entirety perhaps diffing only in this

BTW, do you have a suggestion for the "upstream" axiom version number
used in the Debian package?  Right now I'm using 0.0.0cvs.

> I'm confused. You siad: "need to be executable" but you wrote: "chmod -x"
> which will remove the execution bit.

My bad -- Debian policy is that all files installed with executable
permissions should be elf or scripts.  These files are neither, and so
I am as you note removing the x permission.  Perhaps you could also in
the CVS?

> This part of noweb and is an internal command
> ./mnt/linux/bin/lib/nwmtime 


> These are TeX macros not user commands and can't be executed.
> ./mnt/linux/bin/tex/axiom.sty 
> ./mnt/linux/bin/axiom.sty 
> These are the components of the boxup command which works as follows:
> boxup foo
> rename foo to
> concatenate head, foo, and tail (in that order) into foo.pamphlet,
> run notangle to extract foo from foo.pamphlet,
> diff foo and to ensure that 
> ./mnt/linux/bin/boxup 
> ./mnt/linux/bin/head
> ./mnt/linux/bin/tail 

OK, these sound like executables too.

> These will go away:
> ./mnt/linux/bin/Makefile 
> ./mnt/linux/bin/Makefile.pamphlet 


> These are Axiom internal data files, not scripts
> ./mnt/linux/algebra/ 
> ./mnt/linux/doc/msgs/s2-us.msgs 
> ./mnt/linux/algebra/gloss.text

OK, so perhaps a chmod -x in CVS?

> I have no idea what this does:
> ./mnt/linux/bin/htmltoc 

OK, but sounds like an executable.

> This was a feeble attempt at document support. Texmacs and ADVI
> extensions will eventually do better.
> ./mnt/linux/bin/showdvi 

OK, sounds like an executable.

> Tim

Take care,

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