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[Axiom-developer] libaldor

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] libaldor
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 12:03:10 -0500


> Yes, I know. I don't expect that Axiom (sub-) programs can be
> extracted. What I am interested in is to use axiom as a front-end for
> my program.
> Thus I will have add some functionality to my aldor domains (which
> are, in fact, developed without any axiom domain). Is there someone
> who has made some toy example available?

I don't know of any toy examples. There might be some documentation
in the NAG docs. I'll look tonight. If you're willing to email me 
your code I could look at it and suggest possible solutions.

> To make things easy, I want to build on as few axiom domains as
> possible but still want my program run inside axiom. So, in fact, I'd
> like to have the interpreter capabilities of axiom for my program.
> Of course, I am willing to help to establish such a connection, but I
> guess, there were already others who have made such connections
> without using src/share/algebra/
> How was produced? Are there Aldor sources for it
> somewhere. Maybe I can find out the necessary things myself and create
> a sublibrary for my intended purpose.

I no longer remember exactly. But Aldor can generate .c files which
get compiled to .o files. I believe these are boxed up into a .a
library using ar. Aldor can also generate lisp files and these can
be used inside Axiom (which is just lisp). The algebra connection
is a fluffier subject and I'm going to have to do some behind-the-scenes
review about how that works exactly.


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