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Re: 71-getopt.patch

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: 71-getopt.patch
Date: 26 Feb 2001 21:02:25 -0700

Akim> -      --amdir=DIR       directory storing config files
Akim> +  -A, --amdir=DIR       directory storing config files

>> I definitely don't want a short form for this.
>> This option shouldn't really be used by users.

Akim> I use it all the time when hacking Autoconf and Automake :)

You aren't an ordinary user.

Akim> I introduced these short forms to sync completely the Autoconf
Akim> and Automake suites.

I don't find that particularly compelling.
I've tried to only give short forms to options which are used

I don't think --help, --version, or --amdir are used frequently
enough to warrant a short form.


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