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Q: Distributing config.h

From: David Petrou
Subject: Q: Distributing config.h
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 13:53:17 -0500
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Hi, I'm using automake 1.4 for a library called "pdl".  I want to
include the generated config.h file in the installed library because
it sets crucial defines that are needed by users of the library.  I'm
doing this by setting the following in my


and the following in my in include/pdl/pdl_config.h:

  include_HEADERS = pdl_config.h

This works (*) pretty well for me.  But then I read the automake
documentation where it says:

  Header files listed in a _SOURCES definition will be included in the
  distribution but otherwise ignored. In case it isn't obvious, you
  should not include the header file generated by configure in an
  _SOURCES variable; this file should not be distributed.

This seems to imply that config.h should _not_ be distributed, like
I'm doing above.  What's wrong with what I'm doing?  If it's really so
bad, how do I get around the problem that users of my library need
things defined by configure?

* = Actually, I needed to disable the definition of PACKAGE and
VERSION by giving a third argument to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.  If I don't
disable those defines, then other programs using automake that link to
my library will redefine this defines.  So, question #2: what's a good
way to set the name and version of my software if I can't do it
through AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE?  How much will life suck if I make up new
defines called PDL_VERSION, PDL_PACKAGE and not update the package and
version information in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE?


P.S.: Please reply to me as well as to the list as I'm not subscribed.

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