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Re: 20-distdir-am.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 20-distdir-am.patch
Date: 04 Feb 2001 20:20:17 +0100
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Pavel Roskin <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, Akim!
> Another problem. Test pr87.test fails. It fails in a makefile that
> contains the following fragment:
> distdir = $(top_builddir)/$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)/$(subdir)
>         @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
> distdir: $(DISTFILES)
>         @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
>           d=$(srcdir); \
>           if test -d $$d/$$file; then \
> Now let's check where 'for file in $(DISTFILES)' comes from.
> $ find -type f -exec egrep -nH 'for file in .?\$\(DISTFILES\)' {} \;
> ./m4/   @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
> ./      @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
> ./    $output_rules .= "address@hidden file in 
> \$(DISTFILES); do
> \\\n";
> ./tests/        @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
> ./        @for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
> So, you added it to but didn't remove it from (it
> is handle_dist_worker() that you claim to have adjusted). I guess you
> forgot to commit something else.
> Also texinfo8.test fails exactly with the same symptoms.

I'm sorry.  Some recent changes from Tom conflicted with this area,
and I tried to solve the conflicts from my home, and apparently broke
it in some way.  Please, do not hesitate to fix this if you see what
happens.  Maybe reading the patch I sent can give hints where I messed
Automake up.

I'm getting worried with my Automake patches stack, but I _perfectly_
understand Tom's cautious approach.  I really apologize for the
mixture I made, but really I don't want to handle this now: it is too
uncomfortable, which results in my making mistakes (I did run the test
suite for instance.  Don't ask me how I manage to have it run here).

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