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Document current policy for development with git.

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Document current policy for development with git.
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 21:43:59 +0200
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Hi Stefano, all,

I've rewritten the HACKING section on development with git a bit to
better reflect what I currently think is a good way to go on.  Patch
for maint.  Comments appreciated.

FYI, I am waiting for regenerating the in-tree files with Autoconf 2.67
until the official tarballs have come out.


    Document current policy for development with git.
    * HACKING (Working with git): Overhaul.
    Prompted by suggestion from Stefano Lattarini.

diff --git a/HACKING b/HACKING
index ee85917..8facbeb 100644
@@ -92,28 +92,46 @@
-= Working with git/CVS
+= Working with git
 * To regenerate dependent files created by aclocal and automake,
   use the `bootstrap' script.  It uses the code from the source
   tree, so the resulting files (aclocal.m4 and should
   be the same as you would get if you install this version of
-  automake and use it to generate those files.
+  automake and use it to generate those files.  Be sure to have the
+  latest stable version of Autoconf installed.
 * Dependent files aclocal.m4, configure and in all
   directories should be up to date in the git repository, so that
   the changes in them can be easily noticed and analyzed.
-* Avoid merge commits on the master branch of the public git repository.
-  For unpublished changes in your development tree, it's easiest to
-  rebase against the current master before applying them, this preserves
-  a linear history.
-* For changes to appear in more than one branch, apply them to the
-  master branch and then cherry-pick them to the stable branch from
-  master if possible.  This keeps the master uncluttered and preserves
-  meta-data on the stable branches.
+* The git tree currently carries a number of branches: master for the
+  current development, and release branches named branch-X.Y.  The maint
+  branch serves as common ground for both master and the active release
+  branches.  Changes intended for both should be applied to maint, which
+  should then be merged to release branches and master, of course after
+  suitable testing.  It is advisable to merge only after a set of related
+  commits have been applied.
+* For bug fixes of long-standing bugs, it may be useful to commit them to
+  a new branch based off of the commit that introduced the bug, and merge
+  this bugfix branch into active branches that descend from the buggy commit.
+* There may be a number of longer-lived feature branches for new developments.
+  They should be based off of a common ancestor of all active branches to
+  which the feature should be merged later.  The next branch may serve as
+  common ground for feature merging and testing, should they not be ready
+  for master yet.
+* master and release branches should not be rewound, i.e., should always
+  fast-forward, except maybe for privacy issues.  The maint branch should not
+  be rewound except maybe after retiring a release branch or a new stable
+  release.  For next, and for feature branches, the announcement for the
+  branch should document rewinding policy.
+* In order for rebasing and merging of ChangeLog entries to work seamlessly,
+  install and configure git-merge-changelog, currently available as gnulib
+  module.
 = Test suite

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