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Re: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX doesn't run bibtex

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX doesn't run bibtex
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 10:21:17 +0200

Hi Egon,

2015-07-10 10:06 GMT+02:00 Egon Kidmose <address@hidden>:
> Spot on! - `C-c  C-n` (TeX-normal-mode)  fixed it :D
> Thanks a lot!
> Care to confirm if understand the issue correctly?
> 1) AUCTeX relies on the results of parsing the *.tex files for this to work.
> 2) In my case, the parsing was never done
> 3) `TeX-normal-mode` triggers the parsing and stores the result in ./auto
> 4) Restart emacs for unicorns and free candy everywhere!
> Regarding 2:
> Fixed it by adding this to .emacs.d :
>     (setq TeX-parse-self t) ; Enable parse on load.
>     (setq TeX-auto-save t) ; Enable parse on save.
> [ ]
> Any idea if it's problem on my end (my config/another mode interfering)?
> or is it the intended behavior that AUCTeX requires the above to be fully 
> functional?

Yes, AUCTeX requires file parsing enabled to be fully functional,
otherwise it's a basic editor.

> If this is indeed the intention then I'd would think that changing the 
> default of `TeX-parse-self` and `TeX-auto-save` to true would be a good idea:
> Things would work better out of the box, and those seeking performance 
> improvement could actively disable them.

David already replied on this point ;-)


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