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[AUCTeX] AUCTeX doesn't run bibtex

From: Egon Kidmose
Subject: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX doesn't run bibtex
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 08:47:26 +0000

Hi all,


(Issue already on, quite for a week now,

assume it’s a dead end, hence posting here, )


I'm using using AUCTeX to write a IEEEtrans LaTeX document with a seperate BibTeX file.


As I recall I used to simply hit `C-c C-c` (currently bound to `TeX-command-master`) repeatedly until it said "view" in the minibuffer, and then AUCTeX would have taken care of running `pdflatex` and `bibtex` as needed.


I've now moved to a new machine - Still same OS (Linux Mint 17.1) and same `~/.emacs` (I keep it on github, but rely on el-get for e.g. AUCTeX)


To my surprise AUCTeX doesn't pick up changes in bibtex file, but simply runs LaTeX and then View. Any suggestions as to why it doesn't realize the need to run BibTeX?


Some details:

(Please ask if you need more)


* OS: Linux Mint 17.1 x64_64

* Emacs: GNU Emacs 24.3.1, from apt-get

* AUCTeX: from el-get, tag: release_11_88, commit: 5178ba6


Files, after `Clean All`:



    ├── bib

       └── paper.bib

    └── paper.tex


Files if I call `LaTeX`, `BibTex`, `LaTeX`, `LaTeX`:



    ├── bib

       └── paper.bib

    ├── paper.aux

    ├── paper.bbl

    ├── paper.blg

    ├── paper.log

    ├── paper.pdf

    └── paper.tex


Contents of `paper.tex`:









    %%% Local Variables:

    %%% mode: latex

    %%% TeX-master: t

    %%% End:


Contents of `bib/paper.bib`:



      author        = "Someone",

      title         = "Sometitle",

      url           = "",

      year          = "2000"




Thank you very much!


Egon Kidmose

Industrial PhD Student


Wireless Communication Networks (WCN) Section,

Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

Room A4-203, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, 9220 Aalborg Oest

Phone +45 61 78 29 04


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