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Re: [AUCTeX] Re: Getting SyncTeX working on GNU/Linux

From: Rasmus Pank Roulund
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Re: Getting SyncTeX working on GNU/Linux
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 18:45:31 +0200
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> Frankly, direct Synctex-support for specific viewers has /not/
> seemed like the scope of AUCTeX so far.
Why do you think so?
Because you need scripts for forward search. Inverse search in done on the editor side.

> one will also need scripts when using Skim[1] . . .
For forward or inverse search?
Forward search obviously.

What is "full synctex support"?
Highlighting the active line. In Sumatra it will highlight the line in which the cursor is placed in the editor. Texworks will also highlight the line. I think Evince-patched highlighted the part of the line that is highlighted.

In case you are talking about forward search, you can advise
e.g. Evince to open a certain page by providing a command line option.
Yeah. This is not synctex. xpdf does this to.

> Probably because Evince did not support this kind of highlighting at > the time I implemented the SyncTeX parser.
> But it should not be hard to add
Okay. This would also benefit Sumatra pdf and maybe skim.

> But if Evince opens the right page, then SyncTeX support in AUCTeX is
> working, contrary to what you claimed before.
I don't believe I have stated that SyncTeX support in AUCTeX is not working. However going to the right page is not comparable to highlighting the correct line or even word. I am sure we can agree on that. On other platforms AUCTeX has needed scripts to archive 'full' forward search. Now, finally(!), an independent viewer (unlike Texworks (excellent) viewer) has emerged for Linux. Not only has an viewer emerged; somebody even took the time to write and share a script for AUCTeX that utilize provides `full' forward search. This approach is identical to the one used on other platforms. IMHO this is good. I never considered AUCTeX broken. However, Synctex is not very widely adopted yet so I think it is great that we can get at least a partial solution until an official version of some Linux viewer gets synctex-support. Everybody would be better off with `full' support build-in, but then again this is shaky ground.


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