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Re: [AUCTeX] Re: Getting SyncTeX working on GNU/Linux

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Re: Getting SyncTeX working on GNU/Linux
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 12:05:50 +0200

* Rasmus (2009-09-26) writes:

>> And instead of reporting it as a bug you advertise a third-party tool?
> It is a script written for Emacs. . .
> Frankly, direct Synctex-support for specific viewers has /not/ seemed like 
> the 
> scope of AUCTeX so far.

Why do you think so?  AUCTeX has been supporting source specials for a
long time and SyncTeX is a similar functionality.

> As I am sure you know, one will also need scripts when 
> using Skim[1] or Sumatra pdf[2].

For forward or inverse search?

> As you can tell from the above a script is needed on other platforms to 
> archive full synctex support.

What is "full synctex support"?

> Thus, it is natural to assume that the same is 
> needed on GNU/Linux. If you can provide a direct way of sending synctex-info 
> to the viewer please share it.

In case you are talking about forward search, you can advise e.g. Evince
to open a certain page by providing a command line option.

>> What did you try so far?  Did you follow (info "(auctex)I/O Correlation")?
> I do not have Emacs on this pc. Thus, I was only able to find a patch (for 
> the 
> manual) and I was not able to find anything useful in it.
> I have set tex-output-view-style for ^.pdf to 
> evince %o -p %(outpage) -a
> This will open the relevant page but it will not highlight the active line.

Probably because Evince did not support this kind of highlighting at the
time I implemented the SyncTeX parser.  But it should not be hard to add

But if Evince opens the right page, then SyncTeX support in AUCTeX is
working, contrary to what you claimed before.


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