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[AUCTeX] Font color

From: Salvatore Enrico Indiogine
Subject: [AUCTeX] Font color
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:15:59 -0500

I am a fairly new emacs/LaTeX user.    I have been looking to solve an
issue I have, but I apparently do not really understand how to
customize AucTeX and Emacs.

I am running Aquamacs 1.8c.  I do not know what version of AucTeX that
is, and I do not know how to find out.

Anyway, I am running Aquamacs with a black background/white font
setting.  The color for normal text in a tex file is gray.  That does
not read well on a black background.  Is there a way to change that?

Less important, but it would be nice to know, is how avoid that text
in \section{} be of a larger size.

Enrico Indiogine

Mathematics Education
Texas A&M University

Email: address@hidden
Skype: hindiogine

"Rien ne va de soi.  Rien n'est donné. Tous est construit."   Gaston
Bachelard, 1934

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