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[AUCTeX] Problem with yap inverse DVI search

From: Makmiller Martins Pedroso
Subject: [AUCTeX] Problem with yap inverse DVI search
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 05:17:00 -0600

Hi all, 

I've been trying to set up the Yap's inverse DVI search with auctex, but I couldn't get it working. When I double-click  on my dvi file I get the error message: 

Emacs client error:
...\bin\emacsclientw.exe: No socket or alternate editor 

I set up the inverse search as follows:

1.  I put the following lines into my .emacs:

(load "auctex.el" nil t t) 
(require 'tex-mik)

2.  I went to View\Options\Inverse DVI Search and added a path to emacsclientw: 

"...emacs\bin\emacsclientw.exe" +%l "%f"

One thing I noticed was that, when I change my path to:

"...emacs\bin\runemacs.exe" +%l "%f"

it works fine -- except that, in this case, every time I double-click on my dvi file, a different emacs window pops up (instead of returning to the same emacs window). 

The programs I'm using are:

MiKTeX 2.8, AucTeX 11.85, Emacs 23.1, Windows Vista. 

Thanks already!


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